Photogrammetry is the art, science, and technology of obtaining accurate data through the process of measuring and interpreting photographic images.  Planimetric features (roads, buildings, hydro, vegetation, utilities, etc) and topographical data (elevation models, DTM, TIN, contours, etc) can be collected and produced in this process.  

Kodiak Mapping utilizes the latest published ASPRS
Accuracy Standards for Digital Geospatial Data for general guidance, planning, and quality control procedures on all photogrammetric mapping projects.

Kodiak Mapping will produce the mapping using DAT/EM Summit Evolution softcopy workstations equipped with state-of-the-art PLANAR stereo monitors. The photogrammetric digitized 3D data is collected directly into the AutoCAD/GIS software environment. Layers, line types, points, and blocks can be formatted and exported into the client's standards for an easy turn-key delivery. 

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Planimetric Collection
Digital Terrain and Elevation Model Creation
Aeronautical Obstruction Analysis
Contour Generation
Aerial Triangulation
Breakline Delineation
Hydro Enforcement and Flattening
CAD, GIS, Microstation Export

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