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Whether the project specifications call for large scale ortho photography, or detailed 1' contour mapping, Kodiak Mapping Inc can design aerial imagery projects at a wide range of flying heights and scales.

Photography is taken from a fixed-wing aircraft utilizing the industry standard LEICA RCD 30 digital mapping camera.
4-Band Imagery (RGBN) is produced to create robust co-registered color and near IR image scans.

Please contact KMI with your project requirements
in time for the snow-free flying season.                             
Kodiak Mapping currently has a library of select low-scale spec photography for many areas across the State of Alaska. Please contact us to see if your project area is covered under existing photography. We can work with you to determine what are the best options with regard to time of flight, photo scale, and new vs existing photography.

Current Stock Photography Library
LEICA RCD30 Camera System
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