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Mapping the State of Alaska Since 1994 * Custom Aerial Photography * LIDAR * Photogrammetry
Experienced and Qualified Experts

Since 1994, Kodiak Mapping Inc has grown from a one person firm to a staff with over 160 years of expertise in the surveying and mapping industry.  Almost all of the in-house professional experience has been in the State of Alaska.  Using our collective experience, we strive to produce the highest quality product on the market today.

The KMI staff includes multiple Professional Land Surveyors (Alaska), Certified Photogrammetrists and Mapping Scientists (ASPRS) to oversee all aspects of the project workflow.  Due to our local availability and hands on work experience in the State, KMI has become a statewide leader in geospatial consultation. 

High Efficiency Workflow

100% of our focus and commitment is in Alaska.  KMI-owned metric camera and LIDAR platforms are based in Alaska year round which maximizes acquisition availability and reliability. Throughout the entire project workflow, KMI fully utilizes our cross trained staff for multiple roles.  Our staff is large enough to handle multiple large scale projects while meeting our client deadlines, yet small enough to effectively work together with the client to meet project specifications.
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